Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike

Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike
Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike
Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike
Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike

Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike

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Take your little one out and start exploring on wheels! EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 is an all-in-one push tricycle for toddlers aged 10m+ that offers 4 different stages with infant trike (10-36M), guided trike (18-36M), training trike (24-36M), and balance bike (2-5Y), to conveniently transform alongside your child’s development.

EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 comes with a 100% tool-less design (no tools needed to transform!), a patented wheel mechanism, a 2-height adjustable parent handle, 2-height adjustable saddle, high-back seat, removable footrest, EVA foam wheels, and smart pedal storage to provide even more functionality!


EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 is a winner of 11 prestigious awards:

Key Benefits

100% tool-less design
4-in-1 baby trike and balance bike
2-height adjustable parent handle
2-height adjustable saddle
High-back seat with headrest
632 206 3 Tricycle For 1 Year Olds
All In One Trike

All-in-One Trike

Infant Trike (10-36M)
Infant trike mode is designed to provide a safe and comfortable riding experience for babies. Parents can steer and control the trike’s movements using the parent push handle while their little one enjoys the ride in a soft high-back seat with a removable safety bar, secured in a 5-point harness with soft padding. A detachable full canopy also provides sun protection and adds comfort while exploring the world on wheels!

Guided Trike (18-36M)
Support your little one’s riding with guided trike mode! In this mode, the trike can be steered by a parent using the adjustable push handle at the back of the trike. Guide and control the direction and speed of the trike while your little one pedals while sitting in a soft saddle. Guided trike mode is perfect for toddlers still developing their balance and coordination skills, as it offers a stable and secure riding experience under adult supervision.

Training Trike (24-36M)
The push handles are off—time to let the little ones independently explore on their own! Training trike mode features a stable and wide trike base, allowing toddlers to safely practice pedalling and steering. The trike’s saddle can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and provide a comfortable riding experience.

Balance Bike (2-5Y)
Develop your toddler’s balance and coordination skills in no time! In balance bike mode, the baby tricycle's pedals are removed, and the back wheels are converted to a double-wide wheel, transforming it into a balance bike. Toddlers can use their feet to push off the ground and glide, learning how to maintain their balance while steering. The bike's adjustable seat height ensures a comfortable fit for growing kids, and its sturdy design provides stability and support.

Tricycle With Handle

100% Tool-less Design & Patented Wheel Mechanism

Easily transform your 4-in-1 trike into a balance bike: EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1’s 100% tool-less design means no tools are needed when switching between different modes! EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1’s patented wheel mechanism also allows you to easily change the 4-in-1 trike into a balance bike with a simple knob manoeuvre on both rear wheels, making the transformation fast and simple.


Adjustable Parent Handle & Built-in Steering

Enjoy playtime with your little one! EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 comes with a 2-height adjustable parent handle and a built-in steering system for parents to conveniently manoeuvre the push tricycle in guided trike mode. The freewheel system allows the pedals to turn independently from the front wheel, so your child can first learn how to pedal before you give full control of the tricycle to your toddler!


Convertible Tricycle

2-height Adjustable Saddle

EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 comes with a 2-height adjustable balance bike saddle made of soft, anti-slip TPR to ensure toddlers can safely touch the ground when learning motor skills and practice manoeuvring our balance bike in comfort!


High-Back Seat with Headrest

Packed with all the essentials and more to ensure maximum safety, EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1’s training trike mode is designed with an adjustable 2-height high-back seat with headrest made of soft TPR. It’s also equipped with a safety bar, a 5-point harness with comfortable shoulder pads, and an adjustable anti-UV (UPF 50+) canopy for comfy rides with your baby!

Tricycle For 1 Year Olds

Removable Footrest & EVA Foam Wheels

Equipped with one 250mm front and two 220mm rear EVA foam wheels, toddlers can enjoy a comfy ride and puncture-free rides on EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1—all modes included! A removable footrest is also included for more comfort when exploring in infant and guide trike mode.


Smart Pedal Storage & Removable Footrest

Avoid misplacing your trike pedals when transforming from 4-in-1 trike to balance bike! EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 has a built-in pedal storage located at the back of the saddle to safely store your pedals when not in use.

4 In 1 Trike

Product Features

  • 4-in-1 tricycle for toddlers aged 10 months+ and balance bike for kids aged 2 to 5 years, for maximum product usage. EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 transforms into 4 different modes: infant trike (10-36M), guided trike (18-36M), training trike (24-36M), and balance bike (2-5Y).
  • 100% tool-less design allows you to easily switch between different modes without the need for any tools or screws—EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 has spring-loaded buttons and knobs to seamlessly transform from 4-in-1 trike to balance bike.
  • 2-height adjustable parent handle (92cm, 96cm from the ground), built-in steering system, and front freewheel system allow parents to assist and steer for toddlers, to help them learn how to steer the 4-in-1 trike.
  • 2-height adjustable saddle with soft, anti-slip TPR (31cm, 34cm from the ground) and curved handlebars with comfortable and durable TPR ergonomic grips for comfy rides.
  • Detachable and adjustable anti-UV (UPF 50+) polyester canopy.
  • High-back seat (32cm, 35cm from the ground) with soft, anti-slip TPR, a 5-point safety harness with soft, comfortable shoulder pads, and safety bar (infant trike mode).
  • Smart pedal storage located at the back of the saddle to safely store your pedals when not in use. Extra-wide, removable bi-injection TPR footrest for more comfort.

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